Dear Unlucky Player, --- UNTIL NOW!

You are unlucky because you just can’t seem to get over that hurdle and win some big cash prizes playing your favorite Pick-3 and Pick-4 games.

But I think that your unlucky streak is about to change!

In fact, I can GUARANTEE your new lucky streak will start soon... just as soon as you read this letter and make the most important decision in your life.

Yes... I’m asking you to decide if you just want to keep on playing your favorite Pick-3 and Pick-4 games, or want to start winning at your favorite games.

Unbelievably, there is a fine line between winning and losing. (How often have you said to yourself, “just missed it…” when you look over your numbers?)

Let me tell you a short story, and I’m sure you’ll understand why this could be the beginning of a whole new way of life for you... the first day of your life as a WINNER!

Learn how you can win up to than $400.00 per day – for 30 straight days!

Let’s go back a few years, to 2004. I love to play Pick-3 and Pick-4 games, as I am sure you do too. My career as a professional “Number Cruncher” put me in the perfect position to crack these games and make a fortune.

Well, I was a failure! No matter what I tried, my win streak would never last more than one day in six months. That’s not very good. So, I decided to really crunch the numbers and come up with a system and a guide to winning.

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Testimonial from an actual customer / user:

“Incredibly powerful at selecting winning Pick-3 lotteries! I play about $10-$20 worth of tickets and we’ve won seven Pick-3 lotteries in the last three weeks! The “ G-N-System” is great!”

For months, I looked over number patterns. I looked for tendencies and trends. I thought that if I added a formula to the way I picked my numbers, I could beat the system.

Then it happened.


First, I tested the system without investing one dollar. I played without buying the tickets, and tracked my winnings.

What a regret: because I didn’t buy any tickets, I missed out on winning more than $4,000 in one 30-day period.

But I knew I had to “test drive” the formula to make sure. After all, if it worked this well in practice, it would work just as well in real life!

And boy oh boy, did it work! I am not ashamed to say I built a fortune for myself playing Pick-3 and Pick-4 games day after day. (As a matter of fact, I got both my son and my daughter playing, and they win with the system too.)

Soon, we decided to sell the formula to a limited number of people. We
targeted people who played often, but won little. (The last thing I want to
do is make some fat-cat rich guy even wealthier! I want to help the people,
like you, who need it most.)


Factor One: The G-N-SYSTEM teaches you how to examine the last three draws to pick winning numbers for the next three draws!

Let’s face it; you want to catch up on your winning streak. You’ve played long enough, and lost too much already, to waste any more time or money on losing streaks.

Testimonial from an actual customer / user:

“I have found your system easy to understand and very profitable.”

- Norman Brown, MD

The G-N-SYSTEM is the unbeatable way to help you win three straight times... within days of getting your complete System Formula Guide.

In fact, you will virtually increase your odds of winning three in a row by a factor of 6X!

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That gives you up to a 600% better chance to win than any play you’ve ever made before!

Factor Two: The G-N-SYSTEM teaches you how to play numbers that are hot. This gives you the decided advantage over players just “picking numbers.”

You will maximize your win potential. This is a key factor in building winning trends for yourself, helping you win draw after draw, day after day, week after week.

The G-N-SYSTEM formulates a unique 15 – 60 play position. You play just 15 tickets per draw to create a cash-winning schedule of 60 wins per month. (Take a few seconds and look imagine how much money you could have in you bank account right now if you won sixty times last month in your Pick-3 game!)


Would you like a new car? Maybe a fancy SUV? (Don’t worry about the price of gas: you are almost sure to win much more every month so you can keep the tank full!)

Would you prefer a vacation? What is your pleasure: a fivestar hotel in Paris or Rome; or a secluded get-away on a sandy beach? Sipping cool, tropical drinks by the side of the pool is my favorite
vacation plan. What’s yours?

Factor Three: The G-N-SYSTEM uses a secret “Advance Tracking System” (ATS) to help you identify the numbers with the highest winpotential. These are not hot numbers; these are the numbers that make the difference between being close and going to the bank with another winner’s check!

How many times do you shake your head in disbelief because you “just missed it?” Coming close is fine if you are playing horseshoes, but not with your favorite Pick-3 or Pick-4 game.

High win-potential numbers make the difference. They put money into your pocket. And they are a unique feature of the G-N-SYSTEM you can use to win when you least expect it.


The best surprise you can give yourself is extra money. ATS is
your secret weapon to winning!

Factor Four: Here is a simple question: do you like to win
occasionally, or would you prefer to win week after week, month after month?

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Testimonial from an actual customers / users:

“I Love Your System! and I won at once, ...I know that I’m going to Win!! BIG, BIG with your system. Once again, thank you very much for your system.”

- Eeva Ylinen


“We are having fun with it and making money! Thanks a Million!”

- Homer C., NC

I think I already know your answer... that’s why the G-N-SYSTEM uses a special formula to identify your personal Extended Life Span numbers...

My formula uses a secret “Rising Graph” to guide you to the number-combinations that win draw
after draw.

I have to tell you about a side effect of the Rising Graph... It seems this special feature will
help you win sooner as well! Almost all of the people who use the G-N-SYSTEM report wins flow in almost immediately and they become richer overnight.

Using regressive analysis, I found that the Rising Graph formula also helps you get your winning off to a roaring start. This is the type of side effect that will dramatically change your life --- FOR THE BETTER!

Factor Five: My research told me that you must avoid some numbers. I call these Dead Numbers. They kill your chances of winning cash. They circle some players like vultures.

The G-N-SYSTEM includes a secret formula, one I invented and refuse to reveal to anyone, that identifies the Dead Numbers so you will NEVER play them.

This is how you build winning streaks. You play numbers that are going to win, and you avoid numbers that are not. And once you get on a winning streak, there is no stopping you or your dreams.

Do your dreams include enough money in the bank to secure your future? Life will be so much easier
when you have the security of a bank account full of cash, ready to help you through any financial trouble or crisis. Nothing feels better than to breathe easy!

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Useless Numbers. The G-N-SYSTEM will never send you in the direction of numbers that just won’t win. I have seen (and tried) other systems that constantly include numbers that never, ever win! I promise you that you will never see these numbers in the G-N-SYSTEM.

Low-Odds. I asked myself this question: isn’t it better to win a few thousand dollars weekly than to hope for a bigger win years and years from now? The low-odds lotteries are for dreamers, not winners! Stop getting frustrated with the “pick six numbers out of 50” type of game. Pick-3 and Pick 4 have much better odds of winning, and you can win cash prizes EVERY DAY!

Keep Your Winnings. I take this oath, in writing, now for you. I will never ask to share your winnings. You keep every cent you win, every dollar. If anyone every offers you a system where you pay nothing, but send back a “small share” of your winnings, run for the hills! You play to make yourself rich, not me. And that is exactly the way I want it: you get rich.

Remember, the supply of G-N-SYSTEM guides is limited. Only a few thousand people will be able to take advantage of this limited release and become rich, almost overnight.

And Finally...

Factor Six: my 100% rock-solid, iron-clad guarantee.

“You must win at least $400.00 per day in your favorite Pick-3 or Pick-4 game for the next 30 days --- or I will refund your fee you send me today. No strings... no ifs, ands or buts.”

You have nothing to lose... you have lots to win! Add it up for yourself. $400.00 per day for 30 days is $12,000.00! That’s $144,000.00 a year! That’s like working at a job that pays $50.00 an hour wages! (But this job is a lot more fun...!)

Testimonial from an actual customer / user:

“It works. Thank You. God Bless America and You.”

- Howard McIntyre, PA

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I also guarantee your G-N-SYSTEM guide will be as easy to use as A – B – C.

When your guide arrives at your home, you quickly see that the formulas are easy to use, and you can start winning cash almost immediately.

Simple charts come with your guide, so you can practice your playing. Remember, practice makes perfect, and you want to build a perfect winning streak.

Play and Win! Implement your system and win cash prizes draw after draw. Your winning streak begins with your first play!

Finally, I have a very special offer to extend. But it is limited to the first 250 people who respond. So please, make sure you read over the special notice at the end of this letter. It’s your opportunity to add a special guide to play one of America’s hottest cash games... because I’m sure you want to win even more!

Right now, before you even go to bed tonight, you should do the following, so you can get your personal winning streak started ASAP:

Take out your pen and complete the Limited Re-Release Order Form you received in the mail.

Select the G-N-SYSTEM guide you prefer. (You pick either the printed version, or the printed + software version. This way, you can use the power of your personal computer to super-charge your

Return your completed Form and payment in the Rapid Reply envelope provided. There is a special code on the envelope to ensure fast processing.

Can’t wait for the mail to deliver your request to me? You can go online to www. win-track.com to place your order.

Maybe you want to start winning even faster?

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Well, it’s all up to you now. You have to decide if you want to just play or if you want to WIN... every draw, every week!

I am only going to help a limited number of people win (no more than five guides per ZIP code...) so please respond now.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. G.,
G-N-SYSTEM Inventor

P.S.: I told you there is a special opportunity for you if you respond quickly, so here it is. The first 250 people who respond will get ... FREE OF CHARGE ... the complete G-Number KENO Guide. (This is the full version of the Guide, not the short version.) KENO is one of the most popular daily games played in America, and this Guide will show you how to win draw after draw. It’s yours FREE, but only if you are one of the first 250 people who respond. DO NOT DELAY.

Testimonial from an actual customer / user:

“It’s great - and makes money.”

- Marvin Sandle, PA

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Yes, for the 205th consecutive week, the G-N-SYSTEM is rated No. 1 in America by lottery experts and the people who play Pick-3 and Pick- 4 games!

And there is only one way to get this top rating week after week. You have to turn players into WINNERS! And that’s what happens when you use the G-N-SYSTEM… you become a winner, draw after draw, week after week.

We are so sure, so completely confident, in the power of our secret formulas and systems that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. This is my personal pledge to you:

“You must win at least $400.00 per day in your favorite Pick-3 or Pick-4 game for the next 30 days --- or I will refund your fee that you send me today. No strings... no ifs, ands or buts.”

No one else makes this type of promise, because no one else is able to deliver on it!

You have nothing to lose, nothing to risk.

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